Gloria Shields Workshop

9 NSPA pacemaker winners last year; 4 pacemaker finalists
2 college scholarships $500 – applications at front desk; interested in continuing communications
Possible 2014 GSW dates: June 29 – July 3
Photoshop – Mark Murray
PDF – preparing images for publication
9 step workflow
Need to be using Adobe Bridge – a file manangement tool
– use Bridge to make your initial edit
– create your own workspace
– rate images with dots under photo (or command 1, 2, 3, etc.)
– this identifies the strongest images and getting rid of the rest
– command a – selects all for batch rename
– Tools/Batch Rename
– establish a consistent naming system for all photos
1st field – event_location_person
2nd field (date) 7-7-13
3rd field – photographer
4th – sequence number
Don’t use forward slash, backslash, periods or spaces in file name
You have to have a second set of eyes to pick the best photos. You need to sit down with photo editor, adviser, EIC, other photographers, etc.
Every image must go thru the workflow
Expectation is when you leave on a photo assignment, when you return to the newsroom, you have your photos downloaded and are starting your workflow
Always check metadata – will ID all the settings
Write your caption in the description field. Will show up in File Info on Photoshop
Photoshop – never use Brightness and Contrast again. It changes the entire the image
Go to Image/adjustments/levels
Brings up histogram. Good histogram goes 0-255
Go one channel at a time (Red, Green, Blue)
Hold Option and drag tips until detection
Be careful with photos featuring one dominant color, such as a swimming pool
Always fix red eye even with B/W images
Filter/sharpen/ unsharp mask – have the amount between 50-70%
Shoot photos on the largest size possible jpeg or raw for experienced photographers
Monday, July 8
Greg Pak – DC Comics writer
Hillcrest HS grad and editor of paper
Yale political science grad and Oxford Rhodes Scholar
Each one of us can affect the loves of people around us
If you are going to be a writer, absorb everything. It will all help you become more informed (how political science major helps him as a writer)
Creativity relies on structure for writers. For a story to work, you have to understand the structure and how the characters relate to each other (comparing comic and newspaper writing)
Lives in NYC – a pedestrian city. “Writers take walks in other people’s lives”
Love finding tiny little things which seem insignificant but in the context of the are very important – I love that about writing. Everyday you can see that
On Writing by Eudora Welty. Must read! About observing and how this helps you as a writer
Most of time is rewriting because that’s when things get better. Never worry about being bad. We are all terrible when we start and then we fix it
*Yavnah Academy reporters asking lots of questions. This is a great example why they are an award winning publication – they are using this opportunity to interview a quality source. Overcome your fear!!!
HS journalism taught me to write to a specific length and to meet a deadline. Writing is thinking and a way to organize your thoughts
Journalism teaches you to use sources, be skeptical and to get to the heart of the story. It’s about figuring out what somebody’s story is
Always be growing – be writing amd doing it. Find like minded friends and share work with each other
With every project, just trying to tell the best story I can. Trying to connect – its an ongoing thing to keep doing that
Invest yourself into every project because you never know what you will be remembered for. Things have resonated with people I’ve written that I never expected
Tuesday, July 9
Lip Dub – Lori Oglesbee, McKinney HS
Afternoon – Adobe session
Tom Dent
Creative Cloud – in cloud storage, collaboration tools
– become the creators of the content instead of consumer
– InDesign for interactive touch screen export to iOS and Android
– Photoshop for U3D. Think showing a home you are building to a client. That’s why the collaboration and U3D feature
– jobs robots cannot replace: media No. 8 per The Fiscal Times
– Adobe Creative Suite skills No. 3 of 5 things a needed on a resume per US News and World Report
– Adobe InDesign certification new for 2013
– average 800 jobs per day on CareerBuilder asking for Acrobat skills
– professionals with Adobe skills – 20% higher salaries
– CS6 is still sold but no future releases of the suite. There is no CS7
– Creative Cloud is always up to date. Company is moving to subscription format
– CC – 15 new apps as subscription service (minimum)
– storage, collaboration, publishing tools and websites
– VIP, EEA and ETLA subscription programs (EEA most practical for district like CISD)
– McKinney and Dallas ISDs both fully vested in program
– Free 10- week online training for teachers session
*reflector app – reflects iPad screen throughout laptop to projector. Only about $9.99
*need to build an Academy app. A 3D app for engineering would be awesome
JULY 2012

10 tips for making your publication website great


WordPress features and how to use them

advanced wordpress

We had an excellent few days at the Gloria Shields All-American Publications Workshop. Sammy, Julianne, Christina, Lauren, Thomas and Lance all worked very hard and produced some outstanding work. I’m excited about them sharing what they learned with the other editors and staff members as we are going to make 2012-2013 the very best year for The Sidekick and Coppell Student Media. We missed those of you who could not attend!

We were one of four schools to receive a “Hardest Working School Scholarship” for next year’s workshop. The following students won individual awards:

Christina Burke – Overall Excellence Award for feature writing class

Julianne Cauley – 1st Team All-Dallas County for sports writing class

Lance McCaskey – Best Content Producer for online publishing class

Thomas Hair – All-American Writer Award for specialized writing class

Some notes I took away from the workshop and the sessions I attended:
– establish a defined workflow for all photographers and stick to this with every photography
– better organization of photo folders and consistency with the titles we assign our files
– Google calendars for photo assignments, sports coverage, etc.
– need to develop a data backup system
– critique each issue as a staff (either during a class period or after school meeting)
– create reader rating system for online stories
– JEA/NSPA Spring National High School Journalism Convention is during TAKS testing so this trip will be for seniors only (pending administration approval). Junior editors will be invited to attend fall convention in San Antonio with EMAC (tentative – pending approval).
– create interactive map to away CHS football games which will include directions, nearby restaurants, ticket prices, etc.
– create “Guide to Coppell” on CSM with submitted restaurant reviews (think a Coppell version of TripAdvisor) and events.
– Pacemaker tips: online – make your site more interactive (see previous two bullet points), update CSM over spring break. Judges look for schools updating site during school holidays; print – diversify your design, don’t make it too distracting and mix up your columns
– Speaker Skip Hollandsworth, journalist (Texas Monthly) and screenwriter (Bernie starring Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine and Matthew McConaughey)
“Type out the content of famous writers to learn the rhythm of good writing.”
“Write down your high school experiences in a journal. Years later you will have the chance to write a story or     screenplay on teenage life. It is gold.”
“Hollywood is always looking for real stories.”
Advice on writing: “Turn off the TV, phone and Internet when you write. Shutout the outside world and cut off     distractions when you write.”
“Just keep writing and don’t look back. Don’t stress over what you have written. Get a first draft done.”
Advice to high school reporters: “Find a story and develop it. Write it and sit on it for months. Don’t even tell     your editors you are working on it. Keep it to yourself until you get it done. Then come forward with it and         you will have a great piece for publication.”

Check out the work below from our students!

Ariel Engebretsen




Column 2 – Pale Blue Dot

Julia Kennedy Final Draft

Robben self interview

Robben-baseball feature


Robbentaking risks

Skip Hollandsworth


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