4th period: Please bring cans for Souper Bowl of Caring!


We would like for EVERY 4th Pd. Class to be involved regardless of the size of your class(the winning classes will be determined by % of cans turned in/not total number)

Cans collected will be stored in 4th pd Teachers classrooms until Wed Jan 11th.   Student Council will be coming to all 4th pd classes on that day to count total cans collected. The cans will then be moved to the storage bins downstairs.

We will be conducting this Can Food Drive , in conjunction with the SOUPER BOWL of CARING Kickoff Event that we will be hosting at CHS on Friday – January 13th.

 The    TOP 3     4th Period Classes with the Highest % of Cans Collected will receive the following:

 1st Place      Off-Campus Lunch

  2nd Place     Pizza Party

 3rd Place      Cookie Party

ALL CANS DUE BY 4th Pd. on WED. – JAN. 11

Please visit http://www.souperbowl.org to find out more about this national organization and their efforts to fight Hunger.


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