2012-2013 Sidekick Newspaper Staff

2012-2013 Sidekick Newspaper Staff

Returning editors: Michelle Pitcher, Julianne Cauley, Sammy Robben, Lauren Ussery, Addy Buigas-Lopez, Haley Madigan

Returning photographers: Rowan Khazendar, Rachel Bush

Returning staff writers: Jordan Bickham, Christina Burke, Jay Carroll, Caroline Carter, Ben Cowlishaw, Kimberly Del Angel, Thomas Hair, John Loop, Lance McCaskey, Tanner McCord, Erica Rohde, Tolu Salako, Kristen Shepard, Corrina Taylor, Jordan Thompson, Annie Wen

New photographers/graphic designers: Regan Sullivan, Jessica Rivera, Meredith Groom, Mia Ford, Mike Breton

New business/advertising representative: Shivani Burra

New staff writers: Allison Arnold, Nikki Dabney, Natalie Gilbert, Luis Gonzalez-Morales, Stephanie Gross, Maggie Hohfeler, Tina Huang, Tuulia Koponen, Dani Lilly, Julie Nakumara, Alex Nicoll, Carlie Russell, Jena Seidemann, Elizabeth Sims, Will Thomas, Shannon Wilkinson

Please note that editors for next year will be selected later in the semester. Also, new staff members who applied for multiple positions are listed only once in a single category. This means, a new staff member may be listed as a staff writer but also applied to be a photographer. This does not mean they will not be contributing also as a photographer.

Congratulations to all and welcome new staffers to The Sidekick! We are excited about next year.

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