EMAC Basics of Reporting Weekly plans Feb. 6 – 10 and Feb. 13 – 17

For EMAC Basics of Reporting

Monday, Feb. 6 : How to conduct a great interview

Tuesday, Feb. 7: Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement speech – be a reporter and tell the story

Wednesday, Feb. 8: On the job interviewing – find a source and interview them on campus

Thursday, Feb. 9: Writing Day – write the interview from Wednesday and Steve Jobs story

Friday, Feb. 10: Editing and Revising – how do you take your story to the next level?

Monday, Feb. 13: Introduce Hero feature story; how to write a feature story. Due Monday, Feb. 20

Tuesday, Feb. 14: Lead Writing – how do you hook your reader?

Wednesday, Feb. 15: Continue lead writing

Thursday, Feb. 16: Newspaper Day – all students must bring a complete copy of current newspaper; prepare for Friday’s press conference

Friday, Feb. 17: Press conference in lecture hall – The Dallas Morning News SportsDay columnist Tim Cowlishaw


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