Assignments for Weds-Fri., March 21 – 23

For all classes


Wednesday: pick up a copy of the UIL Headline Writing assignment from my desk. These are six new headlines so do not be confused and assume they are the same as the headlines you turned in prior to spring break. Be sure to read the instructions and turn in the answer sheet only by the end of class. If you finish, you can begin working on the Thursday and Friday assignment.

Thursday and Friday: pick up a copy of the “A Different Look at Coverage/Brainstorming Ideas” packet. The 2nd page of the packet is a list of bullet points giving you suggestions as for how to come up with story ideas so please read before you start working on “A Different Look at Coverage”. For each item, you must list at least 3 original and specific story ideas. You may go online for research or borrow any of the exchange papers (newspapers from other schools)  in the basket on my desk. Please be sure to return these newspapers when you are finished. You can either write your answers on the sheet or type them on a word document.

For the “Brainstorm Ideas” portion, be sure to notice you are required to fill out 3 of the brainstorming ideas (the last two are on the back). Be specific. Your focus needs to be a specific story angle, not a general topic. Read the instructions and follow them. Observation possibilities means where/what can you watch and experience to help tell the story. Can you watch the subject perform or play a sport? Can you watch them paint if it’s a story about their art work? Again, be specific. As far as visual elements you can collect, think of any logos associated with the story or copies of their artwork or music if the story is about them being an artist or a musician.

“A Different Look at Coverage/Brainstorming Ideas” packet is due at the end of class Friday. Turn in a hard copy to the substitute.


Wednesday through Friday: pick up The Dallas Morning News short essay writing assignment packet and read the instructions and all information in the packet. Please note that you can also research the information online in addition to using what is in the packet for your essays.

Take your time  and note the paragraph length requirement for each. Read over your work as you will be graded on style, grammar, spelling, punctuation and content.

Assignment is due at the end class Friday. Save in the appropriate folder on the s-share.


Your next story is due for editing on Monday. Print a hard copy of your story by the end of class Friday and leave it with the sub.  (this is a rough draft of what you have up to this point, not what you will turn in for editing on Monday, but I want to see your progress)


– All podcast segments must be turned in to Wren by the end of class Thursday. Podcast must be on site on Friday.

– All page designs are due Thursday, March 29. No exceptions.

– Writers can email their stories to me at for editing. I will have the story back to you within 24 hours after it is received so be sure to check your email.

– Be sure to sign out and communicate with the sub as to your whereabouts when leaving to work on newspaper assignments.


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