Important announcement for Sidekick students

For Sidekick students

As you probably know, Monday and Tuesday is EOC testing and it will take place in many classrooms in D Hall. Many teachers are being displaced for these two days.

Based on our technology needs for newspaper, I requested that we are able to remain in D115. Ms. Kellen agreed but said we must follow the following instructions so we do not disrupt students who are testing:

– Do not come directly to D115 for class. I will meet my 3rd and 4th period classes at the freshman stairs and walk them to class. We must be completely quiet as we make the short walk from the stairs to my classroom. At the end of class, I will walk you to the stairs and, again, we will be completely quiet.

– The restrooms closest to my room at the end of D Hall are off limits. If you need to leave for the restroom, you must exit to the main hallway and use one of the facilities in a different hallway.

– You will not have access to D Hall area classrooms. Meaning, if you need to leave the class for the restroom or newspaper business, you must use the main hallway (basically, when walking out of the classroom, you cannot go to your left – only the right to access other areas of the school).

– During class, it must be relatively quiet in the classroom. This is essential. We have to communicate to do our job, especially, with this being deadline week. But nobody in the hallway or other side of the walls should be able to hear any noise coming from our class. You must assist me in keeping the volume at a minimum as Ms. Kellen trusts we can handle this.

Unfortunately, I was  not in class most of last week to discuss the scenarios. Certainly many students will not check their email tonight so please communicate with each other, post on the group Facebook page, do whatever to get the word out all staff members. Inform them on Monday morning when you see them at school – please assist me in making sure all Sidekick staff members get word prior to class on Monday.

Again, these expectations are in place for Monday and Tuesday.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Mr. Wofford


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