Current Events – Thursday, March 29

For Journalism B or any non-newspaper student not participating in field trip

Using only the news sites listed on this site’s blogroll, read about the following events and write a short summary about the latest developments/latest news with each. Each should be at least a couple of paragraphs and include the link for the story. Save your assignment in the correct folder in the s-share. No Wikipedia and you must put your reports in your own words, with no cut-and-paste/copyright infringement.

Remember, focus on the most current news relating to these events – not just a 5 W’s and H

1. Killing of Trayvon Martin

2. Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Cuba

3. Supreme Court hearings regarding President Obama’s health care law

4. JetBlue pilot creates disturbance on flight to Las Vegas

5. Magic Johnson-led group purchases MLB’s Los Angeles Dodgers for a record $2 billion


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