Preparing and editorial and developing your opinion

For EMAC Basics of Reporting


Assignment – Tuesday, April 3

Think of an issue or topic that is important to you. It can be anything that is school appropriate, such as today’s music vs. music of the past, impact of social media on privacy, difficulty of school today vs. difficulty of school for previous generations, benefits of small learning communities such as EMAC – anything where there is two sides of the issue. But this is just a few examples. If you like skateboarding, think of an issue involving skateboarding. If you like to read or watch TV, think of issues involving books for television. It’s up to you.

Read the Editorial Format below. Once you have picked your topic, begin to formulate your editorial using this outline. You can fill in the information on a Word document – at this point, it does not have to be in paragraph form. Just be specific with our ideas as your formulate your position and argument. Be sure to include all elements listed in the Editorial Format below.

We’ll discuss and review in class on Wednesday. Save in the appropriate folder on the s-share. Good luck!



Remember, this is not a news story. So have an interesting lead to hook the reader into your editorial. Be clever and unique. State your opinion so the reader knows where you stand on this issue.


Find the most important information about the issue and supply it to the reader. Look back at the history of the issue and inform the reader. Supply the facts – be specific.


Identify who and what you are arguing against. Be brief (you don’t want to devote too much of your space to their opinion), but be specific and fair. As always, all of your information must be accurate.


Explain, with specific details, why you feel so strongly about your position. Provide specific reasons. Do not “rant”. Your argument should be clear and easy for the reader to understand. Supply information which makes the reader think. You need them to understand why they should share your opinion.


If you disagree with the current situation, what is a better alternative plan or solution? You need to provide a detailed alternative, which you think would be more beneficial.

If your editorial does not propose an alternative because you agree with the situation, you can use this space to offer suggestions to add to the current policy.


Wrap up your editorial by re-stating your position and why you feel so strongly. Leave a good impression with the reader so they will come away understanding your reasoning and think about your position. Be original!


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