2012-2013 Sidekick Editors Application

For The Sidekick newspaper

2012-2013 The Sidekick Newspaper Editors Application

Due Date: Friday, May 4 by 4 p.m. Late applications and/or letters will not be accepted. Applications must be submitted as a hard copy. Do not use email.

For current editors wishing to continue as an editor in either your current position or a different editor position: You need to schedule and complete an interview with Mr. Wofford before of after school by Thursday, May 3. You do not need to complete the application or turn in any items in advance. Plan on spending at least 20 minutes interviewing (possibly more) with Mr. Wofford. Not scheduling an interview indicates you wish not to continue as an editor.

For new applicants – indicate the position(s) you would like to apply for:

News Editor                          Opinions Editor                 Features Editor                    

Entertainment Editor       Sports Editor                      Photo/Graphics Editor       

Business Manager              Webmaster                          Design Editor          


Requirements from applicant:

1.  List which position(s) you are interested in and briefly state why. Please rank them in order of preference. You may list up to three positions.

2. Provide your grades for each six weeks this year in Newspaper. Provide a copy of your cumulative attendance record for the entire year in all of your classes. You can submit this with a printout from Portal.

3. Write a letter addressing the following items:

What is your track record for consistently meeting deadlines this year in newspaper?

How do you bring positive energy and a good attitude to class everyday?

How do you present yourself to the staff and adviser as a leader who does not complain or make excuses for not completing tasks? How do you deal with the demands of being a student journalist?

How do you handle direction and instruction from the adviser and other editors?

Many students apply to be an editor just for the title and to put it on a resume. How is your application an indication that you want to be a leader on the staff to serve the newspaper, Coppell High School and our audience?

Why is convergence journalism important for 21st Century media students?

Why is it important to always be honest and ethical, both as a student, journalist and individual, and how do you practice responsible journalism?

What is the goal (or goals) of The Sidekick and its staff members?

4Provide TWO letters of recommendation – one from a current Sidekick editor and one from a Coppell High School teacher. These letters must be signed and submitted from the writer. Letters delivered from the applicant will not be accepted.

Good luck and thank you for your interest! If you have questions, please see

 Mr. Wofford in D115 or email cwofford@coppellisd.com


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