Letter To The Editor assignment

For EMAC Basics of Reporting

You are going to submit a Letter to the Editor to the Dallas Morning News. Find a recent story or topic which you have an opinion and draft a well-informed letter expressing your opinion.

Your letter must be in the range of 100-200 words for this assignment. You will save a Word copy of your letter in the appropriate folder on the s-share.

You will submit your letter and Mr. Wofford must see you submit so call him over to your desk when are ready to send it. He will check you off for your grade (this is in conjunction to saving the actual letter on the s-share). Here is the link to submit your letter:


Below are the tips posted by the DMN on how to get your letter published. Good luck!


Here are the “Secret” Top 10 tips

1. Sign ‘em. Include postal address and phone number. No pseudonyms, please. Our reporters face the world; you can, too. We haven’t lost a letter writer yet.

2. Keep ‘em short. Less than 200 words best. Less than 100 words better.

3. Be timely. Commenting on month-old news rarely cuts it.

4. Focus on the one thing you want to say. We edit for length, clarity and punctuation. We want everyone to shine!

5. School yourself by reading the Letters page to see what gets picked. Being funny, wise, pointed, emotive, civil, polite and accurate on diverse subjects is good. Using name-calling, list-making, or being dull, lengthy, incendiary and inaccurate is bad.

6. We publish a cross section of the mail we receive, including those that disagree with our views; our bias is only toward short letters.

7. Feel free to include extra information to buttress your arguments – but put it outside of the text of your letter.

8. You may write as often as you like, but due to the volume of mail we receive, we try not to feature the same writer over and over again. Be your own first editor.

9. Form letters are routed immediately to the wastebasket. Letters must represent your own, original words and thoughts.

10. Make it interesting, not redundant of what other letter writers have already written. Remember, we get hundreds of letters each week. As a result, most cannot be published. If you don’t succeed the first time, try again and again!


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