May issue editing assignments

For The Sidekick newspaper

Make sure you edit all pages and they are returned to Mr. Wofford (not the editors) prior to the start of 3rd period on Monday.

Edit in ink (no black) and do not make any edits that are unrelated to the page, such as edits meant to be a joke or comments that distract the editor. Students will lose points for not following these instructions.

Make sure your name is on the top of each page you edit and do not staple the pages.

News/Page 1: Kara, Ben, Chase, Kelly, Mary, Madison, Haley, Kimberly

Page 7 (senior front)/Opinions/Media: Lauren V., Wren, Chris, Trevor, Dyer, Tanner, Brian

Academics/Fine Arts/c-spread: Addy, Ivy, Sammy, Jordan T., Jodie, Jordan B., Sarah, Rowan

Entertainment/Page 18 (senior back)/Back Page 24: Christina, John, Erica, Lauren U., Julianne, Rachel, Tolu, Corrina

Senior Sports/Sports: Caroline, Lance, Annie, Jack, Jay, Kristen, Thomas

DEADLINE: Issue No. 6 edits are due before 3rd period on Monday, May 14


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