Assignments for Weds. – Fri. May 23-25

For All Students


You need to think of 2 topics of interest -it can be anything that is school appropriate. A sports team you like, a movie or book, a vacation destination, a high school organization you are a part of – anything. (Note: You may have started your first page on Tuesday).

Go online and find news/feature stories about your topic and appropriate photos and graphics. Copy the stories onto separate Word documents and save the images as jpegs all to your H drive. Note: you do not have to actually write the stories – use stories already published and photos/graphics available online but be sure to to cite the source (website) with each item.

Utilizing the handouts you received on Tuesday and the information on the PowerPoint presented on Monday (it’s attached to this site – look at the examples for ideas), design two visually appealing pages.

All pages must include the following

– no more than 50 percent text (think balance)

– minimum three headlines/titles (note: there is a difference between a headline and a title – the title can be something overarching while the headline is attached to the story).

– minimum two photos (this must include people)

– minimum one graphic (think of a team or company logo; it can also be some sort of chart)

– minimum one photo or graphic that is text wrapped

– minimum one photo or graphic that is rotated/angle adjusted (basically, when the item is selected, use the rotation feature when hovering over the corners – we practiced this on Tuesday).

– minimum on headline/title that is in a different color

– minimum one photo or graphic is in a shape other than a rectangle or square

– use the Type on a Path feature at least once

– use the color features. When using a dark background, change your font color to white

– pages must be in the 4-6 column range and tabloid size

– Remember, the less 90 degree angles in your design (basically, a page with a lot of squares and rectangles), the better! Take your time and do your best!

Pages will be due at the end of class Friday.


Edit, revise and post Story No. 3. Be sure you have a photo and graphic.


Work on your end of the year deadlines

– Freshman Podcast due Thursday

– All NSPA entries due 4 p.m. Friday

– Freshman online content due June 1

– Portfolio (website) due by the end of your exam period


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