First day of school assignments

Welcome back! Hope you had a great summer.

Journalism: Watch Trouble in D115 video

Email Mr. Wofford from your CISD Gmail: List your favorite musical artist (school appropriate music) Tell your story.

If you don’t have your CISD Gmail, email from other email and get your Gmail set up by Friday.

Sidekick: Turn in 5 Sidekick subscription forms

Get your CISD Gmail account set up! Must email me from this account by Friday.

Returning staff members (all, including photographers): Introduce yourself on CSM (Michelle’s message as EIC goes in featured content with new photo – welcoming our audience back to CSM and the 2012-2013 school year. Other staff members introduce themselves and tell readers what they are excited about in 2012.

Editors, post in your section.

Photographers – Take a Photo of the Day and introduce yourself in a detailed caption.

Staff Writers/graphics/page design/business, post in News. Sports writers, post in sports.

Make sure somebody – anybody – edits your post before the end of class. Ask me, ask an editor, ask your neighbor – anybody.

All entries need a photo of you! It can be a mug taken in class or one from your Facebook or Twitter.

Deadline end of class!

New staff members: Get a WordPress login for CSM from Lance or Lauren by Wednesday. Email me your introduction (yes, I realize I already know you – but write what you would want our audience to know) and what you are excited about for this year/goals for yourself and Sidekick/etc.


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