SPJ Code of Ethics group assignment – Aug. 29

For Journalism A

You will be placed into groups of 3. Spread out and find a space to work either on the desktops or laptops. All students need a computer.

1. Go to the blogroll on this site and find the Society of Professional Journalists link. Go to this page and open the SPJ Code of Ethics (under Journalist’s Resources/Ethics)

2. As a group, discuss the Code and answer the question why it is important for journalists to be ethical and why it is important to establish a Code of Ethics.

3. Which items stand out to you as group? Pick 7 items in the Code which you think are most important and state why.

4. Which items do you not understand? Identify the ones which are a little confusing or ones which you need more clarification or understanding.

5. Think of 3-5 items which you think are missing (don’t say everything is there – think of ways you could make some additions to this Code to make it work in our web-centered 21st Century media world).

With all of your answers, be specific. Make sure to answer “why” you feel the way you do and clearly define this.

Put your answers (with all the names of your group) on a Google doc and share with Mr. Wofford


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