Sidekick newspaper notes – Friday, Aug. 31

For The Sidekick newspaper

Here’s a couple of reminders for next week:

– Photo day is Tuesday, Sept. 4 for all class periods (weather permitting). Each staff member will have their mug taken.

– Please bring $20 for your Sidekick T-shirt and press pass (checks can be made out to The Sidekick) by Friday, Sept. 7

– Also, all staff members are asked to bring a box of Kleenex by Friday, Sept. 7. Thank you for your assistance!

– Be sure to add your phone number to our staff list in the classroom. Several students have yet do to so.

– Get in contact with your mentor as soon as possible for assistance and develop your relationship

– Attention sports writer: We will have a sports meeting (shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes) on Tuesday, Sept. 4 after school. Please be sure you attend.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your extra day off!



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