Who is your dream interview?

For Journalism A

If you could interview anybody in history, who would it be? Identify who your dream interview would be and research them to prepare for this dream interview

1. Write 150 words or more of biographical information. This will help you get to know this person.

2. Look for things you did not know about this person that you find interesting. Think of discussion starters. List 5 bullet points of interesting information you would like to learn more about during your dream interview.

3. The location of an interview is key. Think of 3 different options as to where you could conduct this interview and say why each location would be a good place for the interviews.

4. Write 10 different open ended questions that you would want to prepare in advance of your dream interview. Don’t ask a  closed ended question and tack on “and why” to the end to make it open ended. Ask good “why” and “how” questions.




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