Congrats to the Lead Writing Hall of Fame inductees!

Journalism A

Here are the winners of the Lead Writing Hall of Fame. Congratulations on your great leads!

Category 1

“The hint of a smile and the twinkle in his eyes showed that Uncle Scott had something to hide.”

– Weston Bliobenes

Category 2

“A school recently found that five counterfeit $20 bills were spent throughout the week. Coincidence? The Secret Service doesn’t think so.”

– Maddy Giddens

Category 3

“The chance of a nuclear bomb detonating just miles away from a meeting of pacifists protesting government nuclear testing is certainly ironic, but it happened just this past Tuesday.”

– Henriikka Niemi

Category 4

“Being a handy engineer and physicist, it wasn’t hard to tell Joe Shirley is the man who owns and works at the small untouched house in downtown Coppell still containing a mirror from 1950.”

– Kaylee Barr


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