CSM staff member profile instructions

1. Go to the dashboard (screen after you log-in to CSM).

2. Find users, and click on the tab.

4. Find your name.

5. Go down to the “Biographical Info” section.

6. Write your bio into the box. Use Lauren’s as an example if you aren’t sure how to write this. Must be in third person, and must be professional. These will be judged.

7. Click Update Profile at the bottom of your profile.

8. Go to gravatar.com

9a. (new members) Enter THE SAME EMAIL YOU USED FOR YOUR CSM ACCOUNT into the section right above the video on the homepage, and click get your gravatar.

9b. (returning members) Log in to your gravatar account.

10. It should prompt you to add an image, if not, go to my account, and select add an image from the drop down menu.

11. Select an image of your choosing, must be a professional image, because once again, this will be judged. I suggest using the mug shot on the the staff page.

12. Crop the image to your choosing.

13. Please rate your image G. Chase Porter rated his image X last year and had the blue square all year on his page.

14. Select the image on the next page.

15. Click Confirm.

16. The image can take up to 24 hours to show up on CSM. If it is still not available after this time, have me or Lauren help you.


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