Sidekick notes for week of Nov. 12 – 16

For The Sidekick newspaper

– Opinions stories: Beginning today (Monday, Nov. 12), opinions story ideas and edits will go through Ben Cowlishaw ( so please be sure you are looking for his folder in the November and December folders. Email him your story ideas. This is temporary as these items will go back to Thomas on Jan. 7 when we return from the holidays.

– Podcasts must be GREAT this week. There is no reason the Sports podcast should be anything short of fantastic so put all of your energy into making it your very best. We have the volleyball team playing for its 2nd state title and the football team opening the playoffs at Cowboys Stadium this week. Let’s make this week’s so unique and special.
Our regular show should be great as well as it is a busy week and the week before a week off. Rest next week – work this week!

– I will be out on Thursday and Friday. You are still responsible for making all of your edits before posting. Michelle and section editors will edit photo captions in my place but all stories should get to me in advance for copy editing.

– Sports coverage – need to know by the end of today (Monday) who is covering:

Football: 11 a.m. Saturday vs. Irving MacArthur at Cowboys Stadium (Preview story needs to be edited by me before I leave town Thursday)

Volleyball: 7 p.m. Friday vs. Clear Lake at Curtis Culwell Center in Garland; State Championship match is 7 p.m. Saturday at Curtis Culwell Center in Garland

– We need to have EVERY (including non-UIL sports such as hockey) winter sport with a beat writer and notebooks need to start for these sports after the Thanksgiving break. Sammy will make a winter schedule.

– Addy is in charge of making sure stamps, labels, inserts, etc. are in place so that the November issue is mailed out before the end of the day Friday. This is a GROUP effort!

– Coppellstudendpedia is due FRIDAY. Make sure you have your pieces edited before saving them into the appropriate folder on the s-share.

– We are 4 weeks (and one of these weeks is Thanksgiving week) away from the Sidekick/Taylor’s Gift 5K. We need to schedule a mandatory staff meeting to get this project moving forward. We have A LOT of work to do so we need to pick up the pace. Addy and Michelle are in charge of scheduling this meeting.

– December issue pages are due Dec. 12. That is 17 school days away – less than three weeks. All sports features, editorial, centerspread and columns ideas are due Wednesday, Nov. 28. The completed stories are due Monday, Dec. 5. No exceptions.

– NSPA Best of Show: The road to winning an online Pacemaker begins this week! We have a football team in the state playoffs, volleyball team defending its state title, staff members attending the biggest high school journalism convention in the country and the best staff in America. Do everything you can in the next 7 days to show everybody what we do at The Sidekick and Coppell Student Media.

Be thinking of the best photo galleries and photo of the day, the best podcasts, live chats to discuss the upcoming big games in sports, the best stories to feature and the keep it fresh, catchy headlines – anything and everything. Do you best and WORK HARD!



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