AP Style assignment – Tuesday, Dec. 11

For Journalism A


Refer to the AP Stylebook and write the following in proper form:

– Write your home address with all appropriate abbreviations.

– Times: Is it AM, PM, A.M., P.M., am, pm, a.m. or p.m.?

– What is the proper abbreviation for the following states: Texas, California, New York, Florida, Missouri, Alabama, Arizona, Mississippi and Pennsylvania

– What is the proper abbreviation for months with specific dates? List all 12 months. (Note: do not use the abbreviations under “In tabular material”)

– Titles: Give examples of when a title is lowercase, capitalized and abbreviated. List one for each.

– When are numbers spelled out and when do you use the numerical figure?

– Is it internet or Internet, e-mail or email, Web site or website?

– What is the form for the word “okay”?

– Name five U.S. cities (other than Dallas) that stand alone in datelines (without state abbreviation). For example, large cities like Dallas are commonly known for where they are so they don’t need states in datelines. A city like Waco is smaller and needs the state to identify its location.

– When can IRS be used as an abbreviation for Internal Revenue Service?


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