Journalism A weekly plan Dec. 17 – 21

For Journalism A

This week, we will focus on practicing AP Style and the fundamentals of writing. Make sure all of your stories comply with AP Style and the other journalistic guidelines – leads, paragraph lengths, quote placement and attribution.

As always, if you are absent any day, make sure you see Mr. Wofford to pick up your prompt.

Monday, Dec. 17 : Feature Writing prompt – think feature circle. Tell a story and capture the essence of the characters/faces in your piece. Write an engaging lead.

Tuesday, Dec. 18: News Writing prompt – hook the reader and get into the Inverted Pyramid. Prioritize your facts and information.

Wednesday, Dec. 19: Editorial Writing – pick a position and defend it. Support your argument and find a solution. Remember the editorial format.

Thursday, Dec. 20: Edit, revise, finish your stories. Use this day to perfect your pieces. Always edit and revise – never turn in a first draft (unless on an urgent deadline, which your are not this week). Stories due end of class.

Friday, Dec. 21: Early Release


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