2012 Year in Review Current Events Assignment

For Journalism A

Many media outlets produce “Year in Review” packages to highlight the top stories of each year. You are going to do the same in the format of your choice – PowerPoint, Prezi, Sliderocket, Glogster, etc.

You have two options – only choose one.

1. Pick the top stories (one for each) on a Global, National, State, Region (DFW) and Coppell levels.


2. Pick the top stories (one for each) in International Affairs (think world news), Politics, Entertainment, Business and Sports.

Find what you think is the top story of the year for each category and write about a 100 words about this event. Find a photo regarding this event and include it. Cite your sources – both the site you use for your current event and the photography.

Make it look nice! Appearance counts

Points breakdown: Photos (20 points), Summaries (60 points), Design and Appearance (20 points).

DEADLINE: End of class Tuesday, Jan. 8


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