Journalism A exam review: Editing and revising a story

Re-type the following story and make it comply with AP and journalism style.

Santa claus is coming to town, more specifically 603 havencrest lane. Coppell resident Danny Vrla has played a unique role in the holiday season in Coppell for many years. His Christmas spirit is undeniable as well as his generosity to the community. For twenty-five years, Vrla has dressed up as santa Claus for children and adults to visit and tell him their Christmas wishes. “I started doing this 1988 when my son was seven years old”, said Vrla. “I did it because I thought it be a good way to give back to the community since at the time my son was in kindergarten at Austin Elementary. I knew it would be a fun thing to do for his class, and then it grew into a much bigger thing than I ever expected.” With a painted sled he built himself and a furry red suit and hat, Vrla assumes the role of the beloved character a little over a week before christmas day. Around eighty children visit him nightly eager to tell him what is on their list this year. “The most that ever came was about 230 people.” Vrla commented. “I know this because I give out a peppermint candy to each child as they leave and then count to see how many are leftover. The best thing that I get to do is see the kids’ faces. Sometimes it might be the first time they have seen Santa. The two year olds cry, or then the ones that are a little bit older are a timid at first. You do not want children to be afraid of santa so I try my best to be warm and welcoming.” Because Vrla has had twenty-five years of experience, there have been many memorable visitors that I have come to see him. “One time a little boy came up to me and was at first very quiet” Vrla said. “When I asked him what he wanted, he only whispered to me. Later his parents came up asking what he wanted so they would know what to get him. His parents ended up getting him this gift, and then next year he came back and said, ‘You must be the real Santa because you brought me something that I only told you about.” Many of Vrla’s neighbors have been going to see Santa since their children were little. Alicia McGurk, mom of sophomore carson McGurk, has many memories of the times when her children were younger and visited Vrla. “When they were younger, they would probably go every night to see him” said McGurk. “The two would just go and talk to him like he was their own personal Santa. Now that they have gotten older, we still go and visit to continue the tradition.” The neighborhood also participates in the holiday spirit by setting up alternating Christmas light down the street in red and green. “The neighbors love to get our red and green lights out to support him and make our street look good,  said McGurk. “It is so much fun to see lines of people waiting to talk to him. Young kids and families come and start new holiday traditions.” Although the majority of the time there is a festive atmosphere, some of the requests Vrla hears are unattainable for children. “There are always a few sad times when a kid asks to see his mommy or daddy, when they might have died or are fighting in the war”, vrla responded. “It is always a tear jerker. It is very hard to tell a child a right answer or explain why it can’t happen especially since they are so young.” Vrla says that he has even had parents that lost a child return to him saying how much they appreciate his yearly gift. Others give cookies or small gifts to show their thanks. “Some people bring me cookies, and others will bring more sentimental gifts” Vrla said, “There was one woman who would paint me something every year. Another family brought me a Christmas bell from the movie The Polar Express with a note saying how I made the holiday a joyful experience. Many of Vrla’s visitors who are visited him since they were little are now parents themselves and bring their children to pass on the tradition. “I am now starting to see a second generation of families which is really special” said Vrla said. “They enjoyed it as a kid, and now they want to pass on this legacy to their kids. Hopefully I’ll be around to even do their kids. It’s fun to see them growing up.” Like his mom, Carson McGurk has many memories of visiting Vrla. “I still love to go see him (Vrla) even though I am older,” said Carson. “My family told friends about it, and now they go and see him with their family. It is really nice thing that he does. I’m sure that he has created many family traditions for people across coppell. Visiting Santa is not a tradition that only children participate in. Even though Kacey Hutchins, a neighbor of Vrla, is now a senior, she still visits him every year and looks forward to the tradition. “My brother and I would always look out our house window waiting for him to go outside,” Hutchins said. “I remember going almost every night and being the first ones in line. I know a lot of little kids enjoy going to go see him since he is always very friendly and always has the christmas spirit. We still go and take a picture with him every year, and my brother still goes even though he is twenty-one.” Christmas is a big part of Vrla’s life. With hopefully many more years to come, Vrla will continue to bring the Christmas spirit to Coppell.


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