Your Advertising Campaign

For Journalism B

Think of a service or product you could provide consumers. Guitar lessons? Spanish tutoring? T-shirt designs? Facebook specialist? Be creative and sell your business. Create a name, logo and slogan for your company and sell it through your advertising campaign.

There are three elements to your campaign. You will create a print or web advertisement (such as one you would see in a newspaper, magazine, website, billboard, etc.). The second element is a 30-second audio (radio) or video (television) advertisement for your business. Choose which format you prefer and meet the 30-second spot deadline. Your final element is your advertising plan brochure, which highlights your product/service and identifies your target audience.

You will present your campaign to the class as the presentation is a part of your grade.

Please see me if you have any questions. Good luck!

DEADLINE: Thursday, Jan. 31 end of class


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