Journalism A weekly plan Feb. 4 – 8

Journalism A

Monday, Feb. 4: Discuss real life ethics case studies, read Jenni Carlson column and watch video

Tuesday – Thursday, Feb. 5-7: Creating your own media history blog assignment

Using the blog site of your choice (suggested WordPress – no Tumblr), you will create a blog highlighting key events in American (make sure you stick to the U.S.) media history.

You will have 3 blog posts and each will highlight a different form of the media.

1. Print media

2. Television/Radio

3. Online/Interactive

Each post must have 5 key events or developments in regards to that form of media. Each of the 5 items listed must have a hyperlink (each must be from a different website). Each post must have at least 1 YouTube (or Vimeo) video embedded (no link) relating to that particular form of media.

To turn in your link, comment to this post and copy and past your link.

Deadline: End of class Thursday, Feb. 7

Friday, Feb. 8: Newspaper Day – bring a copy of a current (no later than Wednesday, Feb. 6) major daily newspaper (such as The Dallas Morning News, The New York Times – no Coppell Citizens Advocate) to class.

Today, you will spend the entire period reading your newspaper. You will type of responses to the following items:

– list how many people you personally know in the paper and why they are in the paper (example: Coppell junior Joe Smith is my neighbor; he is in the paper for winning first place in the science fair)

– Other than reading about current events, list the number of additional ways you could use this newspaper for information (example: weather forecast)

– Looking over the advertisements, list the number of businesses which include items of interest to you (example: iPod at Best Buy)

Save your assignment into the appropriate folder on the s-share when you are finished.

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