What makes GREAT journalism


Three GREAT things we are doing!

1. Stories and photos like the one above about Todd and Tara Storch, written by Christina Burke and photos by Jessica Rivera. These are the types of stories and photos we want! They make an impact on our audience and capture the essence of the characters in the story. You have the power to make a difference in people’s lives. Always consider it an honor to write somebody’s story. Great job Christina and Jessica!

2. Stories and photos like the dangers of drunk driving, written by Michelle Pitcher, Elizabeth Sims and photos by Rachel Bush. Michelle did an incredible job of telling the story of the Sims family and Elizabeth opens up about her family’s horrific experience. A truly chilling story that will make an impact by deterring somebody – even if it’s just one – from getting behind the wheel when intoxicated. Great job by Rachel going above and beyond to find the junkyard of cars involved in drunk driving accidents. This is a great example of not being just a photographer but a photojournalist. Excellent work Michelle, Elizabeth and Rachel!

3. Cutline writing for all photos is improving greatly! Please continue to find engaging, unique photos and be a photojournalist. Keep having your cutlines edited and do not forget to follow the process.

Three things to work on:

1. Be a reporter – find stories like the ones mentioned above. Report the news by exploring the “why” and “how” of what is happening instead of stopping at the “who, what and when.” Get out of your comfort zone and be willing to arrive early, stay late, interview more sources and get out of the newsroom. Do not let an unwillingness to do extra work hold you back!

2. Meet all deadlines, no exceptions, no excuses.

3. Dress code and professionalism. Dress the part for interviews and assignments. Athletic shorts and weird T-shirts is not the best combination when conducting an interview. Trust me, people notice. Look nice when you know you have an interview scheduled. You never know when you will be on camera, have to report on breaking news or simply have to perform your job as a student journalist. Always be prepared and dress appropriately.


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