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Here’s the Sunday, Feb. 24 editor’s note from The Dallas Morning News by editor Bob Mong. Still wondering why we place such an emphasis on our weekly podcasts? Here’s additional explanation from from the editor of one of the nation’s top newspapers.

DMN’s TV studio is producing more

news videos for



Published: 24 February 2013 12:04 AM

We recently opened a TV studio in a corner of the newsroom. Now it’s commonplace to see the “On the Air” sign lit up. Peer inside and you spot a journalist on camera.

The videos are becoming increasingly popular on our website. Go to to catch up on a few of them.

“Our columnists are sharing their opinions,” observed David Duitch, editor of, “on topics ranging from the Cowboys to immigration.”

Journalists of all stripes — sportswriters, investigative reporters, beat writers — routinely share behind-the-scenes insights in these videos. Editorial writers bring public figures into the studio to interview them.

Brian Elledge coordinates our video operation. A skilled videographer and producer, Brian comes to us after spending several years in local television news.

Why do this?

“Video is an important way for us to give our talented reporters another relationship with readers,” David said.

Expect much more video from us.

Follow Bob Mong on Twitter at @bobmong1.


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