2013 Student Television Network Convention – Los Angeles

Here’s a recap from the Student Television Network Convention at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles.

Everybody Has A Story: last question if interviewing is going nowhere: if I knew you better, what should I have asked you?

Carl Azuz – CNN student news anchor
10 minute commercial free daily student news
Longest running show at CNN
We are passionate about telling stories
Get really cozy with the truth. If I’m not telling the truth, I’m out. Why is it so important? Because not everybody does. Tell all sides
The one thing constant in news and media is change
“This is an old team trying to learn a new trade.” Edward R. Murrow
Anchor but most of time spent behind the scenes researching and writing
Phones – we can all capture news. But this doesn’t make us all reporters
This conference gives you guidance
This is the new generation of storytellers. Listen to the old guard and the better you will be
Breaking news: technology will fail you
When something goes wrong, make it work. It’s the best thing you can do
Example: weather TelePrompTer goes out. He draws on white paper with forecast and flips through them, sheet by sheet
It is a privilege to make a living out of telling stories
Keynote – producer Frank Marshall
Always do your best because you never know who is watching
Moviemaking is a collaboration. Everybody has a part in the vision
I look for a good story. I then find the right people to tell the story
Best advice: write a good script
One of best scripts: The Sixth Sense
Documentary – exciting because there is no script so the story takes place and evolves as you move along
All movies are challenging to make – toughest was first Bourne Identity because of weather
If you are going to make a movie about Abraham Lincoln, what story do you tell? First script was 500 pages. Movie turned out to be about the last months of  his life
Producer asks the questions, director answers the questions
Producer can dabble in everything
First thing to judge on a script? The story. I can tell on the first 10 pages if its a good story. Pick a good story
Regrets about his movies: he always knows what happens. Reading The Sixth Sense and realizing at the end that Bruce Willis was dead was really cool. First screening – place went nuts when ring hit the floor
How do you stand out from the crowd? Make a good movie
Wackiest script: Back To The Future
Steven Spielberg: “that’s the kind of guy I need. The guy who is more concerned about the next scene and not lunch.” Later, Spielberg remembered Marshall and hired him for Raiders of the Lost Ark. Always do you best because you never know who is watching
Get as much practice as you can, especially in broadcast. Get training in acting and delivery
My advice to all the people I work with is communication. And collaboration
Studio is like the bank. As producer, feels it is the responsibility to show them the project makes financial sense.
Make a movie and get it seen. Put it up on YouTube. Keep banging away and keep your eyes and ears open
Favorite 30 for 30 film: The Two Escobars
Titanic 90210 JC1 JC2 MBS

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