Group cutline writing assignment – JNB

For Journalism B

Assignment for Thursday, March 21

Working in your assigned groups, go to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media sites and find 5 different photos (not professional photos – amateur photos from students, residents, parents, friends – whoever in Coppell) from a recent Coppell event or activity (think within the past month). All five photos must be related to the same event. Think of a church activity, talent show, sporting event, etc.)

You will write your group’s topic on the whiteboard once you have an idea as each topic can be used only once.

Find photos that truly capture the essence of the event. No posed shots – we want all candid photographs displaying emotion and activity. Remember, you cannot use professional photos even if they were retweeted or posted onto somebody’s wall. We want Coppell related photos – not photos from other areas of Dallas-Fort Worth.

Write cutlines for all 5 of your photos. Remember, they must be 2 sentences each, completely accurate (do not guess!) and answer all the 5 W’s and H.

Save in the appropriate folder by the end of class.


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