Journalism A and B assignments – April 25-26

Journalism A and B Assignments for Thursday-Friday, April 25-26.

You have two assignments to complete by the end of school on Friday. Junior TAKS in 2nd period testers can complete the current events assignment over the weekend.


1. THE SIDEKICK CRITIQUE: April, 2013   Vol. 24. No.5
You will need to pick up a copy off my desk – do not take a copy off of the counter as these are for Sidekick subscribers. Please do not leave your paper on your table or desk area.

You must be specific in your assessment of the goals included. Cite at least 3 examples of what worked and what needs work, with recommendations, for all six goals (meaning, 3 for on what worked and three on what needs work for each goal0. Save your document in the appropriate folder on the s-share.


1.     DEPTH OF STORIES: Stories are well developed and unique. Stories do not fall short of their potential; writing is clean and easy to follow

What worked:

What needs work:

 2.     PRESENTATION: Pages are well designed, original, use variety of visual elements; strong front page attracts readers to the issue; quality headlines.

What worked:

What needs work:

 3.     PHOTOGRAPHY/GRAPHICS: Visual elements contain action; photos have proper relationship to the story and are from outside the classroom

What worked:

What needs work:

4.     REPORTING: Stories contain strong, insightful quotes from appropriate sources. Reader can feel the emotion of the individual(s) in the story.

What worked:

 What needs work:

 5.     OPINIONS: Originality; pieces generate discussion, make readers think and provide insight; written with a level of maturity; opinions are strong but fair.

What worked:

 What needs work:

6.     LEAD WRITING: Stories are introduced with an interesting, unique lead which draws readers into the story. Leads are not boring or generic.

What worked:

What needs work:


Using credible online news sources linked on the blogroll, you are to identify the following:

– A current event on a global level

– A current event on a national level

– A current event on a state level

– A current event on a Dallas-Fort Worth/regional level

– A current event on a Coppell level (it can be CHS/CISD related)

For each event, you are to identify the 5 W’s and H (Who is involved in the story, What is happening, When is it taking place, Where is it taking place, Why did it happen, Wow is it newsworthy or relevant) and include the link to the site where you found the current event story. For the event to be considered a current event, your story must be no more than 24 hours old or the event must have occurred within the past 24 hours. You cannot use the same story more than once. Be specific.

Deadline: (see above) End of class Friday, April 26. Juniors TAKS testers only – due Monday.


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