Year In Review Blog Assignment – JNA

For Journalism A

You are going to identify the top 10 stories for Coppell High School for the 2012-2013 school year and complete the following:

– create a blog using a free site, such as WordPress, Blogger, Google Sites, etc.

– Make your blog look professional but you want to have a visually appealing appearance

– Each of your 10 events will have its own blog post. Therefore, your blog will feature 10 total posts.

– Title each post based on the event. Then, provide a 3 -5 paragraph summary of the CHS event. You can research what you need but each summary must be your own wording.

– All 10 blogs need at least one hyperlink to a valuable outside source. Don’t think homepages of groups but rather credible news sites.

– 5 of your 10 posts need a photo and/or video relating to that event. Photos must be either submitted or original (meaning, you must have approval to publish the photo and cannot grab it from Google Images). Videos can be embedded (grab the embed code and paste, don’t just put the link) from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

– Edit your blog so that all posts and copy complies with AP Style.

DEADLINE: End of class, Monday May. 20.


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