Summer MOSAIC 2013: Journalism – Hot off the Press

  • June : 4th-6th grade (9-10:30 a.m.), 6th-8th grade (10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.)
  • BREAKING NEWS: You are to report to the newsroom this week where you will meet your fellow reporters to tell the top stories of the week and produce the next edition of the CGA Mosaic Times. Reporters will write, take photographs and design the pages of this newspaper.
  • Note: Students are encouraged to bring items such as laptops, cameras, tablets or smartphones if they have access to them. However, it is not required that students have any of these items for the workshop.

Monday: “Everybody Has A Story” – what it means to be a journalist and a story teller. Looks at great examples of Coppell stories by exploring The Sidekick newspaper from Coppell High School. Create a storyboard.

Tuesday: “Being a backpack journalist” – today’s journalists can write, photography, video, design, they can do it all. Find your story and prepare to report it.

Wednesday: “You’re hired” – Welcome to the CGA Mosaic Times. Prepare to interview and write your story. Don’t forget your photographs.

Thursday: “A Day in D115” – the newsroom comes alive as we report, write and edit our stories and begin designing our pages. Remember, it’s a race to get it right, not a race to be first.

Friday: “Deadline Day” – the exciting week comes to an end as we put the final touches on the first edition of the CGA Mosaic Times.

Wrap-up and awards!!


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