Summer MOSAIC 2013: Journalism – The Rest of the Story

  • July : 4th-6th grade, 6th-8th grade
  • COPPELL, Texas – Come join the digital media age and become part of the CGA Mosaic Student Media team for the week, where you will design a web page, blog, write stories and post photos and videos of the top news of the week.
  • Note: Students are encouraged to bring items such as laptops, cameras, tablets or smartphones if they have access to them. However, it is not required that students have any of these items for the workshop

Monday:  Meet the press! Reporters writer their own bios and post to newly created WordPress site, where the online edition of the CGA Mosaic Times will be published. Pick your beat assignment

Tuesday: What’s the weather for the week? Who are the teachers at this week’s MOSAIC? Check out the new WordPress for daily updates.

Wednesday: The workshop has hit the midway point – what are the top stories of the week so far?

Thursday: Check here for your daily update of the CGA Mosaic Times and for Thursday’s journalists roundtable.

Friday: That’s a wrap! Final blogs, photos, videos and stories for the week are published. This WordPress site captures all the exciting activities and news from the July session of the CGA Summer MOSAIC.





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