Academy Real Day assignments for Friday, Sept. 13 – IMR

For Intro to Media and Reporting

Watch this video on etiquette and proper behavior. This is how you are expected to conduct yourself during Real Day as you interact with other learners and our distinguished guests.

Go to and register for your class period (2nd, 3rd or 7th period – you can put non-academy class for your other classes).

2nd period – Intro/Academy Meeting in Lecture Hall

3rd period – Keynote Speaker in Lecture Hall

7th period – Mayor of Coppell in Lecture Hall

Bring your iPad to the Lecture Hall and use it appropriately and responsibly. Do no play games during the sessions or be off task. You are in attendance to cover your session, not be off task, and disciplinary action will be taken against learners who are not being respectful to the speakers and hosts of each session.

Use your iPad to take notes and capture the best photos of the session.

Assignment: You need to note 15 items from your session. Think of the 15 most important points from your session and list them out. Make sure you are specific and each is different.

Ask questions if the opportunity presents itself. All journalists should always be prepared to ask questions in these types of settings.

You also need to have 2-3 solid photos (using your iPad) from your session.

Deadline: Turn in to the Google Drive folder by the start of class, Monday. Sept. 16.


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