A Day at CHS assignment – IMR

Intro to Media and Reporting

For this assignment, you will need your iPad and the WordPress app.

You will take your iPad and explore the campus of Coppell High School (you must stay inside during class time – you cannot leave the inside of the building). You are going to find 12 (or more!) items which you feel capture a day at Coppell High School. Think about activity in the library or commons. Activity in the office areas. Activity in the gyms. Classes or learners engaging in activities throughout the building. Cover as much ground as possible – it’s a big building so do not limit yourself to just a few areas.

Do not disturb learners or teachers in other classes. Only photograph with their permission. Distracting or being disruptive results in losing points in your Ethics/Professional Responsibility/Collaboration grade.

You cannot have any posed photos – all photos need to be candid. Do you just find your friends and snap photos of people you know – there’s over 3,000 people in the building so branch out.

You will need to be taking notes of your photographs because you will be writing short descriptions (captions) of each photo. Think of 5 W’s and an H (remember, no student last names!).

You will make ONE post on your WordPress where you will post all 12 photos and descriptions.

– Title your post “A Day at CHS” (use these exact words)

– put the date(s) you took your photos

– To insert a photo on your iPad through WordPress: create a new post and on the bottom right, click the photo and select “Add Photo From Library”. Allow WordPress to access your photos.  Select large size for the photo and it will insert into your post. To type your description/caption, you can do so underneath the image by selecting the edit tool (pencil) in bottom left of the post. Do this for each photo.

– To insert a photo on a desktop/laptop through WordPress: Save your photos (as jpegs) from your iPad onto your computer. Easiest way is to email the photo from your iPad. Create new post and select “Add Media” at the top. Find your photo (it is like attaching a document) and select to place into your post. At this point, you can create your description or caption in two different ways: 1. You can include it in the description when selection your photo or 2. You can write it in your post beneath each photo.

Make sure your post publishes when you are finished.

Again, make sure your photos are candid. You cannot be in any photos as they need to mirror what you would find from a news organization. Have fun and capture people having fun if it arises but do not stage or create news.

Deadline: Friday, Sept. 20

Grades will be issued in the Content and Ethics/Professional Responsibility/Collaboration categories.


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