Exploring a real life media ethics case study – IMR

For Intro to Media and Reporting

Assignment for Wednesday, Sept. 25: Go online and research a real life media member (you cannot use Stephen Glass)– news reporter, anchorman, photojournalist, graphic designer, professional blogger, etc. – who got themselves into trouble for a poor ethical decision in regards their journalistic duties. Think of somebody who holds a position you are interested in pursuing.

Here is what you need to include:

– summary of the scenario (150-200 words).

– your opinion of why it was wrong of the journalist to make this decision (50-75 words)

– how you would have handled the situation differently as a journalist  (50-75 words)

– what action was taken for their behavior and why what it taken. Do you think it is fair? (50-75 words)

You need to provides to at least two different online resources.

You can type your assignment on a Word document or create a presentation (meeting the same content requirements) utilizing the app or program of your choice.

Deadline: End of class Thursday, Sept. 26. Turn into the folder on the Google Drive.

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