Homecoming week reporting – IMR

For Intro to Media and Reporting

It’s homecoming week at Coppell High School and you are on assignment to report on the week’s festivities.

You are responsible for posting to your personal WordPress on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (Oct. 15, 17, 18) about homecoming. Therefore, at the end of the week you will have a total of 3 (or more if you like) posts.

Each day, your post must be different so get creative. Here are some ideas:

– a post that is a short story (think 300 words) about something specific about homecoming (coverage of the parade, who is making the most elaborate mum, coverage of the pep rally, theme days, a story about how somebody asked their date to homecoming, etc.)

– 10 question Q&A with somebody about homecoming. Think of original open ended questions! Include a mug of your subject.

– Photo gallery of 5 or more photos with descriptions. Include the 5 W’s and an H in your cutlines.

– Video about homecoming (90 seconds – 3 minute range) where you feature something about homecoming. Be creative! Think “Everybody Has A Story”

– Design an infographic about homecoming. For example, design an infographic breaking down the various expenses  associated with homecoming. Make sure you do your research and support your information.

You can think of other items as these are just suggestions.

Each day must be a different type of post.

Make sure you post each day by 11:59 p.m.

Have fun! It’s homecoming week and you want your posts to capture the excitement of this week at Coppell High School.


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