News writing on a deadline – IMR

For Intro to Media and Reporting

Now that you have been trained to use the inverted pyramid format for news writing, you are now going to report, write and publish your own Coppell-related news story.

Wednesday, Nov. 6: Each learner will meet with their editorial group and develop a story board budgeting all stories for that group. Each learner must be assigned a Coppell-related (it can be CHS, CISD, city of Coppell) current news story. Think of upcoming sporting events, community issues, field trips, church events, etc. No learner in the same group can be working on the same story.

A slug (specific name for each story) must be listed on the story board with the writer’s name. Write this clearly and keep the story board organized. Once each learner in the group has a story, they can start reporting on the story. All stories must be assigned on Wednesday.

Thursday-Friday, Nov. 7-8: Writing and reporting for your story. You need to be researching information and interviewing your sources for your news story. You should interview as many people as you can as simply interviewing one person is not sufficient for your story. That is not balanced so find your sources and interview them.

How long should your story be? Long enough. It depends on your topic. Not all news stories have the same word count (or in newspaper terms, inches). Make sure you have covered your story completely and that it is written (in news story/paragraph form) to the inverted pyramid model.

When you finish your story, you need to have another member (or Mr. Wofford) of your news team edit it and you then make the necessary revisions.

Deadline: Post to your WordPress by the end of class Friday, Nov. 8.


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