Editorial/column writing and commentary – IMR

For Intro to Media and Reporting

For the next six weeks, we will be studying and exploring the role of opinion pieces in the media. Check back to this post and any additional posts throughout the units for updates and assignments.

Monday, Nov. 11:
You will work in groups of 3. In your group, work to define the following forms of expression an opinion in the media:
– editorial, column, cartoon, commentary (radio or television), letter to the editor, arts/entertainment review.

Be specific and detailed in your definition (cite where you got your information). Make sure you clearly differentiate between each form of expressing an opinion.

Find an example of each form (1 for each – 6 total) from media sources listed on the blogroll. Pick ones your group likes and be prepared to say why you like it. For the commentary, you can find a clip on YouTube or Vimeo but it must be done by a professional journalist or high school/college student reporter.

Create a presentation using the program/app of your choice with your definitions and examples.


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