Writing and producing a commentary – IMR

NOTE: See revised deadlines at bottom (updated Monday, Dec. 10)

For Intro to Media and Reporting

Choosing the topic (it needs to be connected to a current news issue, event or relevant topic) of your choice, you are going to produce a commentary segment designed to persuade an audience.

Your video can simply be of your delivering your commentary but you can insert graphics and royalty-free music but you will not receive a passing grade for violating copyright laws. These effects can help your grade and presentation but please know they are not required and no learner will be penalized for simply recording their commentary.

You can choose no more than one learner in class to film your commentary. You can record it with your iPad, classroom Canon T3i camera, iPhone or other personal camera.

Each commentary needs to include the following:
– professionalism. It is OK to inject humor into your piece but make sure it is appropriate and respectful. It needs to fit the commentary.
– strong, clear opinion on a relevant issue or topic.
– conversational delivery. Confidence and camera presence.
– professional/appropriate appearance – no T-shirts, hats, shorts, flip-flops, etc.
– filming location – no brick walls, gray hallways, lockers as backdrop.
– 75-90 seconds (no more, no less)
Here is your schedule and deadlines:
Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 3-4: Research your topic and write your script.
Thursday, Dec. 5: Practice and film commentary.
Friday, Dec. 6 and Monday, Dec. 9: Turn in script to Google Drive folder and preview video to teacher.
Tuesday, Dec. 10: Final commentary video to be posted to personal WordPress. Post by 11:59 p.m.
Good night, and good luck.
– Edward R. Murrow

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