Winter weather coverage – IMR

For Intro to Media and Reporting

With the winter storm which hit Dallas-Fort Worth last weekend, you are going to produce the story of your choice using the medium of your choice.

Choose ONE of the following:

– a news or feature story about the winter weather event with at least two sources. Need at least one photograph with cutline.

– photo gallery of 8 photos with full cutlines (5 W’s and an H included). You must be the photographer and it must be 8 distinctly different photos.

– 2 minute news video telling a story related the storm with at least two  sources.

NOTE: Your sources can not be Intro to Media and Reporting learners in 2nd, 3rd and 7th periods.

Here are some angles to consider:
– what did CHS students do to pass the time? get caught up on homework? Sledding down the ice? stay inside and watch movies? spend the weekend watching football? Talk to people
– Any travelers unable to get home to Coppell? Think of families who had travel plans last weekend might be stranded elsewhere.
– Students who had to work last weekend – what was that experience like? Talk to students who work at the grocery store as I’m sure it was challenging for them.
– what’s next for events that have been cancelled/rescheduled?
– Any student experiencing winter weather for the first time (ice/snow/etc.). Think of somebody, such as a foreign exchange student, who has recently moved to Coppell from a warmer climate.
– SPORTS: how has the weather impacted their practice schedules for sports in season and how/when will the games be made-up.
– Anybody know somebody who was stranded on the road? Got stuck in the ice? stuck in traffic? Talk about this experience
– A story displaying an array of  students’ social media posts. Find funny tweets or really cool Instagram photos of the winter weather. Capture what the chatter is on social media – ranging from pleas for no school, snowmen, boredom, etc.
– Anybody who lost power/heat. Know anybody who had to go to a hotel or stay somewhere other than their home?

This are just some ideas – think of the angle you want to pursue!

This will help you prepare for Friday’s EMAC News Showcase.

DEADLINE: End of class Thursday, Dec. 12. Post assignment to your WordPress when you are finished.


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