Sidekick online portfolio assignment

For The Sidekick newspaper


4th Period – 9:38 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 15

5th Period – 9:38 a.m.. Friday, Jan. 17

Portfolios: Each student is required to maintain an online portfolio of work in the print edition and Students must continue to update their portfolio throughout the school year to receive full credit. All portfolios must include updated resumes. These portfolios will be due by the date of your semester exams.

You may use the website of your choice (Google sites, WordPress, etc.). Here is how your site will be scored:

1. Professionalism. You want to look dependable and employable.

2. Completed resume. NOTE:  this is a professional-style resume, not a college application type resume. It needs to be heavy on experience and qualifications, not academics. Your class rank and SAT scores can be included but a prospective employer is going to be more concerned about your skill level, ethics and experiences. For assistance with your resume, go here.

Seniors, I would encourage you to set up a LinkedIn profile if you haven’t already. We have a Sidekick Alumni Group you can join next year.

3. Include PDFs, not links to your work. Think of it this way, what if CSM didn’t exist for whatever reason (no, I don’t anticipate this happening anytime soon) and you lost your work? Or, what if an employer wanted to access your work and the site was down, moving slow, etc.?

4. Show versatility. Display all types of stories (news, features, sports, opinions, reviews, etc.) but highlight your best stuff. Include videos and convergence pieces (these can be links if you do not have the edited original files).  Include any page designs, headlines, etc. Show you can do it all.

5. MOST IMPORTANT: Be ethical. You want to sell yourself but you have to be truthful. Any inaccuracies will result in a zero.

Email your link to


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