Your Advertising Campaign – IMR

For Intro to Media and Reporting

Think of a service or product you could provide consumers. Guitar lessons? Spanish tutoring? T-shirt designs? Social media specialist? Be creative and sell your business. Create a name, logo and slogan for your company and sell it through your advertising campaign. You can have fun with this and be creative with your business but, as always, make sure you remain ethical.

There are 4 elements to your campaign.

1. Print/Web advertisement

2. Script for radio ad/storyboard for TV ad

3. 30-second audio or video advertisement

4. Summary identifying target audience and campaign strategy

You will create a print or web advertisement (such as one you would see in a newspaper, magazine, website, billboard, etc.). Then, you will write a script for your radio ad or draft a story board detailing each scene for your commercial. The next element is a 30-second audio (radio) or video (television) advertisement for your business. Choose which format you prefer and meet the 30-second spot deadline. Your final element is your advertising plan, which is a summary (three to five paragraphs) detailing your target audience (be sure to explain why) and the strategy behind your campaign (why did you choose your content for your ad campaign?).

Here is what you must include:

Print/web advertisement

company logo/symbol and motto/tagline. Must be original.

headline(s) to grab audience attention

Original photographs and/or graphics

Brief text to elaborate on the product or service to encourage consumer to purchase

Request for action

Radio/TV advertisement

Company logo/symbol (TV) and motto/tagline (TV and Radio). Must be original

headline(s) to grab audience attention. These can be spoken in both or visible in the TV ad.

Original photographs/video footage and/or graphics

Brief text/explanation to elaborate on the product or service to encourage consumer to purchase

Request for action

Radio/TV ads: In order to ensure these items can be posted to your WordPress, upload the radio/TV to your YouTube channel and embed to your WordPress.

Ethics: And most importantly, be ethical. You are focusing on the great things about your product, service or business but you have to be honest. You cannot mislead your potential customers. Celebrate the great but always make sure you are being honest and accurate in your campaign.

Please see me if you have any questions. Good luck!

DEADLINE: Thursday, Jan. 30 end of class. All items (script, storyboard, radio or TV ad, print/web ad and advertising plan) posted to your WordPress.



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