IMR – Valentine’s Day blog posts

For Intro to Media and Reporting

Today is Valentine’s Day so you are going to blog about this yearly celebration. You will post your blog to your WordPress.

Here are some suggestions:

– a personal blog/column about why you like (or dislike) Valentine’s Day. For example, you can share some favorite memories about what it means to you . (try to hit at least 250 words)

– photos representing CHS on Valentine’s Day. Go out and take photos of flowers, candy, balloons, class parties – anything representing Valentine’s Day at Coppell High School today.  Write brief captions for each photos. (hit at last 5 photos)

– Vlog (short video) sharing your thoughts and opinions about Valentine’s Day (remember the commentaries we did last semester. try to hit at least 2 minutes).

– Tell a story. Do a 10 question Q&A with a classmate, another student, teacher, administrator – somebody on the CHS campus.

DEADLINE: End of class, Friday Feb. 14. Post to your WordPress. If posting a video, be sure to embed the YouTube code (no links)
Happy Valentine’s Day!


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