Assignments for Thursday and Friday, March 20-21 – IMR

For Intro to Media and Reporting

You can work on these two assignments in any order. Save when you are finished in the correct folders on Google Drive. They are due by the end of class on Friday so plan accordingly in case you need to work on the assignments on Thursday night.


Legendary newsman Mike Wallace died in 2012 at 93. He is known as one of the best journalists and interviewers of our time, highlighted by his time with CBS on “60 Minutes”.

Research Wallace’s career and summarize his rise in the industry and career path. (approx 250 words)

Next, identify 3 of the top stories of Wallace’s career. Tell us what the story was about and why you (and others) consider it one of the best stories of his storied career. What is significant about it and how is it a good example of quality reporting for a journalism student?


Re-type this story from 2011 to comply with AP Style, using the stylebook on this site. Remember to follow the proper story structure as it applies to journalism.

COPPELL – This year, Mike Jasso will demonstrate his policies and ideas for CHS. As he finds a way to fill former principal Brad Hunt’s size thirteen shoes, he is also searching for creative ways to make CHS his own. Jasso began his time as CHS principal this year after serving as principal in Birdville ISD at the middle school and high school levels, where he is said to have made a positive impact. “He brought a positive ‘can do’ attitude to both Watauga middle school and Haltom High School,” said Birdville ISD Communications Officer Mark Thomas. “He is well organized and a good campus leader. BISD was sad to lose him as a leader and a friend. BISD’s loss is Coppell’s gain.” As the new Assistant Superintendent, Hunt is excited for the new principal and is encouraging him to continue some of the programs already installed at CHS. “I obviously have a strong personal connection with the high school, but I am really looking forward to seeing what Mr. Jasso does,” said Hunt. While Jasso intends to continue many traditions that Hunt oversaw, such as the SPUR mentoring program and the “I Rock CHS” shirts, he is also actively exploring possible new programs and ideas for the school. 1 of Jasso’s largest focuses is the immense diversity in our school. Our students and teachers represent several nationalities, ethnicities and creeds, one of CHS’ proudest qualities. The integration and appreciation of all cultures can prove to be a challenge, but is one that Jasso has accepted. “We need to find new ways to expose our students to all of the many cultures we have at Coppell High School,” said Jasso. “I feel it is very important that students understand others’ backgrounds. Everyone comes from a different home.” junior Ragho Chamkura agrees that exploring our school’s ethnic diversity is an important focus. “With all of the different nationalities represented here, it’d be great if we could learn more about one other” said Chamkura.. Hunt is supportive and encouraging of Jasso’s direction of focus. “The exploring of our students’ diversity is extremely important. It’s a subject I’ll be focusing on even at the district-wide level” said Hunt. Although Birdville ISD and Coppell ISD are different in a number of ways, Jasso is confident that the transition between the 2 will be fast and easy. “Haltom High School is very different in that the students come from mostly low socioeconomic backgrounds” said Jasso. “Here in Coppell, where we serve a majority of middle upper-middle class, we have a large percentage of graduates going to major universities.” The many different academic options students have play a large part in what makes CHS unique to some other area high schools. “We also have different acceleration programs such as the academies and [International Baccalaureate] program that allow students to develop their interests and goals for their futures early,” Jasso said. Jasso is also turning his attention to finding new ways to reward students who excel in the different programs at the high school. In addition, he is looking into ways to make CHS have a more welcoming atmosphere. “As part of my larger goal of establishing relationships with the students at a personal level, students need to feel more welcome in the school, which will also go hand in hand with our focus on students’ cultural diversity” said Jasso. “Students also respond well to reward and being made to feel good about what they have accomplished.” Assistant Principal Jeremy Varnell sees this focus in Jasso as a large part of his approach to CHS. “Although Mr. Jasso isn’t as gregarious as Mr. Hunt, he is really interested in making a positive difference in students’ lives,” Varnell said. Before Hunt’s departure, a major focus of his was on trying to turn the current seven-period day into a block, a/b, or similar kind of class schedule. Jasso also believes that while it is something to look into, the implementation of a block schedule is not likely in the near future. “If it comes to the table, I would definitely be open to changing the schedule, but in my first few years as Principal, it is not likely to happen,” Jasso said. “At this time, it financially isn’t an option for the district, but it will potentially be a focus later down the road.” Jasso is very optimistic and enthusiastic about taking the role as Principal of CHS. “Coppell is great place. It’s unlike any other place I’ve ever been, and I’m blown away by how welcoming people are,” said Jasso. “I’ve got large shoes to fill. Mr. Hunt was a great principal, and I believe that if I am given a chance, students and teachers will learn to appreciate my style of doing things.”

DEADLINE: End of class Friday, March 21. Save to folders on Google Drive


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