CBS 8 San Diego’s Larry Himmel: assignment for Thurs, April 17 – IMR


For Intro to Media and Reporting

Read the following story written by The Sidekick student life editor Jena Seidemann at last week’s JEA/NSPA Spring National High School Journalism Convention in San Diego about longtime local newsman Larry Himmel, who delivered a keynote speech at the convention:

CBS 8 San Diego also did a short story on its newscast about Himmel’s speech (and you might even recognize an audience member):

If anybody understands the “everybody has a story” concept and knows how to tell it to an audience, it’s Himmel. He has so much to offer young journalists and models great journalism that makes an impact.

After you have read Seidemann’s story, go to the link provided below and spend the rest of class reviewing Himmel’s best “In the neighborhood with Larry Himmel” segments on CBS 8 San Diego. There are dozens and dozens of video segments available to watch so you should have more than enough to view the remainder of class. Please use your headphones if available (especially 3rd and 7th periods since these are larger classes) or listen at a low volume so it is not distracting. In 3rd period , you can watch in pairs if you wish to decrease the noise in the room but you are expected to remain on task and watch the Himmel videos. He tells a GREAT story!

You cannot leave the classroom to watch your videos.

Himmel’s “In the neighborhood” CBS 8 segments can be viewed here:

What you need to leave Thursday having accomplished: There is nothing for you to turn in for this assignment but the substitute will be monitoring your activity to make sure you are on task. Go through Himmel’s “In the neighborhood” segments (don’t just look at the first few on the list – skip around and find ones that interest you) and copy the links or make a list on your own document of your favorites. We will share and discuss in class Friday.


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