Photojournalist cutline writing assignment – IMR

For Intro to Media and Reporting

ASSIGNMENT: Today in class, you will take candid photographs on campus. The criteria for each photo is the following:

– all photos must be candid (no staged photos or posed photos)

– people must be in all photos

– you must identify six or less people in every photo (you cannot have photos where you only identify a group of larger than 6)

– you must be the photographer (you can use a personal camera, classroom camera, iPad, iPhone or other smartphone)

Be sure to take paper/pen or have notes available on your tablet or smartphone as you need to be documenting what is happening in each photo for your cutlines. You need to be able to identify who is the in the pictures (first name only for students), what is their title (think freshman, sophomore, biology teacher, office aide, etc.), what they are doing (remember to write this with your verb in present tense in your cutline), where they are doing it (be specific – give the classroom number at Coppell High School or location, such as library, commons, main hallway, field house, etc.), when they are doing it (give the class period and the day) and why they are doing it (for example, explain the class assignment or activity in a sentence. Don’t restate the obvious from the photograph).

Be a photojournalist and take good notes as you plan and shoot your photographs.Ask questions and be a reporter. Be ethical and ask permission from a teacher or student before you publish any photos. Make sure you have a teacher’s permission before taking any photos inside their classroom or of their class activity.

In class on Thursday, April 24, you will take your photographs. Take as many as you like.

In class on Friday, April 25, you will write you cutlines and post to your WordPress.

DEADLINE: End of class Friday, April 25. Post your 12 best photographs with your detailed (2 sentences) cutlines to your WordPress. Title your post “Photojournalism”


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