Convergence Media Project – IMR

For Intro to Media and Reporting

Convergence Media Project

What is Convergence Journalism? It is reporting and presenting the news in more than one medium. As you have likely observed, 21st century media organizations are providing their audiences the news through various formats, such as in-depth stories in print, videos, podcasts, graphic illustrations, blogs with multiple links to other sites and photo galleries.

Why are we doing Convergence Media Projects? Today’s journalists need to acquire as many skills possible. Journalists must be able to write, blog, film and edit video, create a podcast, etc. We want you to enter college with an advanced skill level and prepared to adapt in an ever-changing industry. This will help you get internships and jobs. And of course, it’s a great opportunity to show your skills and present a quality product to our community. The Sidekick and KCBY-TV produce convergence-type packages for

What do you do? Think of a newsworthy, Coppell-related topic. Upcoming class elections, this week’s Run to Fund, students preparing for AP exams, senior graduation parties, CHS athletes joining the college ranks, etc. Convergence should be our very best story topics. Think of a big event coming to Coppell. Think of an issue on the minds of students. Think of students or an organization on campus doing something special. Be a reporter. Once you have an idea in mind, start developing your package.

Here is a great example. (story found at link)

Here is your timeline with deadlines and requirements:

Monday, April 27: Introduce Convergence Media Project and research your topic.

Tuesday, April 28: Complete convergence idea form approved by Mr. Wofford (due end of class – Oral/Written Communication grade)

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, April 29-May 2: Copy editing of your story and cutlines (in person during your class period on a laptop or desktop – no iPad for copy editing – by the end of your class period). All students must have their stories copy edited with Mr. Wofford. Plan accordingly as if the class runs out and you have not edited with Mr. Wofford, you will not be able to have your story and cutlines edited (Professional Ethics/Responsibility/Collaboration grade).

Monday, May 5: Final deadline – post convergence package to your WordPress by 11:59 p.m.(Critical Thinking/Problem Solving grade)

Your convergence package will include:

– All items in 1 WordPress post

– 1-line headline counting 32-38

Story 450 words or more with a minimum of three sources

– At least two photographs with complete cutlines (each photo has a unique cutline)

60-120 second video which you upload to YouTube and embed (no link!) into your post. If you are not an advanced video editor, no worries. The video ideally shows your subject(s) engaged in the activity you are writing about or can be a separate interview (meaning not the same quotes or information from your written story). For example, if you are writing a story about a student athlete, you could post video of them practicing or playing in a game. Or, if you are doing a store about somebody running for class officer, you could do a short “get to know you” video with your subject where you ask them some questions about them personally – what they like to do in their free time, their favorite classes and why, their dream vacation and why, etc.

See Mr. Wofford for assistance throughout your project. Good luck!




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