Introduction to Page Designs – IMR

Intro to Media and Reporting

Monday, May 12: Introduction and Elements of Design

Tuesday, May 13: Creating a dummy page and Intro to Adobe InDesign

Wednesday, May 14: Intro to Adobe InDesign – Creating your theme page

Thursday, May 15: Creating your theme pages

Friday, May 16:  Recreating your favorite page designs

Design of the Year Design of Year 2 Design of Year 3 Design of Year NP Centerspreads 2 NP Centerspreads 3 NP Centerspreads NP Page One-Cover 2 NP Page One-Cover NP Page One

Some basic tips and things to remember in regards to page design:

Great for design but be careful not to overdo it. Subtle is best.

Use short stories. Only have long stories that are great and with great quotes. Use short, quick stuff.

Storytelling Devices. Give the information quick so the readers can move on.

Q&A’s are now very hot as long as you have good questions. Profiles, How To’s, advice, key players lists, by the numbers, quizzes, etc.

It’s how you present it to make it look good and not just text.

Google storytelling devices or check Newseum

Center of visual impact (or Dominant)


Be consistent with great pages all the way through your paper.

Don’t break into “blocks” (columns) with content that is unrelated.

Always have a headline over the story (not just attention getter)

Order of design (top to bottom of page)

–       Picture

–       Caption

–       Headline

–       Story

Utilize drop caps and alternative copy.

Justified text does no good for your newspaper. Flushed left text is good.

Armpit headlines. Don’t start headlines over the picture. Headline always needs to be over the story.

Don’t use lines just to split the page.

Notice the placement of all visuals with different stories and how they come together.

A little extra space on the sides to draw attention to your dominant design elements is OK.

Two minutes: Quick info and where to go in the paper.

No big black line splits!

Use good judgment. Example: Spongebob on cover of 9/11 anniversary page.

Not a great fan of photo spreads unless it’s a really big event.

Headers for each section

Tucking text for headlines (Main headline over second headline).


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