Summer MOSAIC 2014: Journalism I – Hot off the Press


– Write a detailed story about yourself. Think “Everybody Has A Story.” What makes you unique and special? What stories do you have to tell?

– Have a classmate take a picture of you for your story

– Visit your assigned MOSAIC session and report. Talk to various people and write a detailed story about the experience this week. What is the most exciting thing about the session? What have the kids learned? What dos the  teacher want the session to accomplish? Try to talk to at least 3 different people and get good insight.

– Spend time observing the session so that you can record your observations into your story. Include as many details as possible so that your reader can close their eyes an experience this week at MOSAIC.

– Take several candid, action photos of your assigned session. Tell a story through photos of the class for the week.

– Write a short (paragraph) about the person you interviewed in class on Monday. Tell us about your partner and include their picture.

– Design your own newspaper page(s). You can use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Smore – any page design source you like. Come up with a name for your newspaper and design your page with your story, your MOSAIC session story and the short story about your partner on Monday. Include as many photos as you like with all of your stories so that your page is visually appealing. It’s your paper so be creative and make it look like you want it to look. Add colors and graphics if you like. Have fun with your design.

– On Friday, we’ll share our newspapers with the class and celebrate a great week!


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